Università Degli Studi Di Catania (University of Catania)

Università Degli Studi Di Catania (University of Catania)


Founded in 1434 the University of Catania is the oldest university of Sicily; it has 53,873 students and offers Bachelor, Master and PhD degress. 

It offers an attractive portfolio of academic titles and is commited in the creation of a ''laboratory'' where the ancient Mediterranean culture meets the new technologies, in order to offer advanced training experience. Students wishing to take an undergraduate degree will find our university to be a high quality educational institution. Excellent departments and support services are offered throughout all of our university sites in Catania, Syracuse and Ragusa. Here, students may also discover a culturally dunamic environment suitable for growing as students as students and individuals as well. 

The University of Catania is the recipient of research funding at international and national level and it has a long-term involvement in different research programs, both as a coordinator and/or a partner. It also encourages scientific research activities carried out in all departments, by providing research grants for young fellows and reserving a certain amount of its resources to fund research projects.

As far as the internal management of research is concerned, great importance is given to an objective assessment of the scientific research works through the “Catalogo di Ateneo”, a list of scientific publications which is yearly updated.

University’s internal funding is, in fact, assigned according to the scientific value of the publications.


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