Sapienza - Università di Roma

Sapienza - Università di Roma


Founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII Sapienza - Università di Roma is one the oldest and biggest university in Europe. it has a student population of 105,000 and offers both Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. 

The future of Sapienza is firmly rooted in its rich past and the academic and research excellence of its community. Sapienza’s mission is to catalyse the development of a knowledge society by promoting research, education and international cooperation.

The 115,000 students enrolled at Sapienza can choose from over 250 degree programmes and 200 specialisation courses, while the “Scuola Superiore di Studi Avanzati” runs honours programmes and free tuition for its best students.

Sapienza has 11 Faculties, 63 Departments and various research centres that drive high levels of excellence in archaeology, physics and astrophysics, as well as humanities and cultural heritage, environmental studies, nano technology, cellular and gene therapy, design and aerospace.

Moreover, students enjoy 59 libraries (two of which are open 24 hours/day), 20 museums, the Ciao/Hello Orientation Office, the SORT Faculty Orientation Offices and an Office for Disabled Students.

Throughout the course of the year, Sapienza organises a myriad of cultural, social and sporting activities to encourage students to enjoy life on campus. These include the Sapienza MuSa orchestras, choirs and ensembles; the Theatron - Ancient Theatre Group; Sapienza web radio and wide range of sports facilities.

Sapienza’s large student population includes over 30,000 students from outside of the Rome area, ca. 7000 foreign students and 3000 students on mobility programmes. Thanks to its extensive network of universities from around the world, Sapienza provides its students with a wide range of international opportunities, including double-title degrees, scholarships for writing theses abroad, apprenticeships and stages in European and non-European countries, and international doctorates



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