INTERPOL - Wildlife Crime Working Group


The INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group initiates and leads a number of projects to combat the poaching, trafficking, or possession of legally protected flora and fauna.

Wildlife crime, such as poaching, the traffic in illegal ivory or illegal logging, can lead to the extinction of a species, the loss of biodiversity, and serious damage to the ecosystems that support our very existence. The problems are not limited to individual nations as plants and animals are trafficked across borders, and the overall effects of wildlife crime contribute to global warming and climate change.

Clearly, in today’s global economy there is a need for an international strategy to deal with wildlife crime. The INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group brings together specialised criminal investigators from around the world to work on project-based activities on an international level.

The Working Group encourages participation from environmental experts across the world in order to maximize the global impact of current projects and to devise new initiatives.