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The Venezuelan Association for the Conservation of Natural Areas (ACOANA) founded in 1995, is a Venezuelan civil association nonprofit, environmental and social, strongly committed to the conservation of biodiversity and natural areas of the country, active and recognized in Venezuela. ACOANA promotes the conservation of biodiversity and natural resource management …

Amazon Conservation Team (ACT Suriname)


ACT Suriname is committed to the protection of the Amazon rainforest through participation and years of collaboration with local indigenous peoples in southern Suriname. The mission of ACT Suriname is to work in partnership with indigenous and Maroon communities to protect and preserve biodiversity, their culture and traditional health within …

Amazon Research Institute (INPA)


Created in 1952 and implemented in 1954, the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA), has over the years, been conducting scientific studies of the physical environment and living conditions of the Amazon region to promote human well-being and regional socio-economic development. Currently, the INPA is a world reference in Tropical …

Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (TAAMOG)


Scale: Regional Type: Social and environmental activist Focus: Indigenous rights, Cultural identity Strategies: Lobby, Activism

Amerindian Peoples Association of Guyana (APA)


The objectives of the Amerindian Peoples Association of Guyana are to promote the social, economic, political and cultural development of Amerindian communities in solidarity with each other and to promote and defend their rights. Scale: Local Type: Constituency CSO Focus: Indigenous rights, Cultural identity Strategies: Lobby

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The Associa ç ao dos Povos Ind í genas Tiriy ó , Kaxuyana e Txikuyana (APITIKATXI) is an association which represents the collective interests of the communities in the Tumucumaque Indigenous Reserve to government agencies and non-profit organisations. It has offices in Macapa, Brazil. It was the first indigenous community ranger association to become …

Asociacion de Cabildos y Autoridades Tradicionales Indigenas de la Selva de Matavén (ACATISEMA)


Scale: Local Type: Constituency CSO Focus: Indigenous rights, Cultural identity Strategies: Lobby, Activism

Asociacion para la Conservacion de Areas Naturales (ACAN)


Scale: Regional Type: Conservation and development Focus: Conservation Strategies: Lobby, Research

Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname (VIDS)


VIDS Suriname ( Vereniging van Inheemse Dorpshoofden ) is an association of indigenous village leaders from every indigenous village in Suriname. It was established in 1992 in the aftermath of the internal armed conflict in Suriname. Its goals and objectives are to promote and defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples, to speak …

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Attune Development


Attune Development strives for a healthy Amazonian rainforest in which communities are actively involved in environmental management, offering them a stable livelihood and opportunities for social and cultural well-being and growth. We are motivated to achieve this with the following goals: Empowering local communities in defining and following their own …

About this Directory

This directory is based upon information and listings contained in the Project COBRA publication:Caspar Verwer & Rob Glastra (IUCN NL), Report on the effectiveness of CSO policies and strategies pertaining to sustainable development and ecosystem services management in the Guiana Shield, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London, November 2012.
Additional CSOs (including several represented at the COBRA Conference on Community Owned Solutions, Brussels on 21-22 January 2015) have been added. To suggest further entries for this directory contact the Institute for Environmental Security (IES).

This directory and the accompanying Guiana Shield Action Guide have been produced in Project COBRA: The Role of Community Owned Solutions in Sustainable Environmental Management and Governance in the Global South

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