Environment & Development Resource Centre (EDRC)

Environment & Development Resource Centre (EDRC)


The Stichting Environment & Development Resource Centre (EDRC) was established in Amsterdam in 1991* as a non-profit foundation.

It's aim is to contribute to the achievement of global sustainable development - development that is environmentally sound, socially just and respectful of cultural diversity.

EDRC also serves as a catalyst for new initiatives to redress shortcomings in the international environment-development policy-making process. The Centre acts as an independent 'honest-broker', carrying out and commissioning innovative studies, promoting co-operation between the environment and development movements, between researchers and activists, and between NGOs and decision makers.

*Our sister organisation, the International Association EDRC was established in Brussels in 1988 and dissolved in 1998. During its 10 years of the operation, the association's membership consisted of individuals working primarily on international policy issues that have significant implications both for environment and for development. It was their shared conviction that neither area of concern can be effectively addressed in isolation from the other, and that, together, they should be at the centre of political debate on international economic, financial and trade relations - especially South-North and East-West relations.

The association worked with a variety of partners with a common interest in co-operating to overcome the environment-development policy log-jam. It promoted bridge building and active co-operation between the development, environment and conservation movements - North, South, East and West, and between representatives of non-governmental organisations and officials of international institutions and national administrations as well as parliamentarians, researchers, industry / the private sector, consumers' organisations and trade unions.

Activities focused especially on Western European environment, trade and development policies as they affected Amazonia, Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.


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