The Venezuelan Association for the Conservation of Natural Areas (ACOANA) founded in 1995, is a Venezuelan civil association nonprofit, environmental and social, strongly committed to the conservation of biodiversity and natural areas of the country, active and recognized in Venezuela. ACOANA promotes the conservation of biodiversity and natural resource management, through:

  • The generation of technical information; Oriented basic research;
  • The formation and training of human resources management;
  • Disclosure, and
  • Community development; all with the aim of supporting making informed conservation of the natural heritage of Venezuela decisions.

Its scope is national, with emphasis on the Guayana region, especially in the Caura River Basin and the Caroni River, and the Coastal Region of the country.Our vision is oriented to be an institution recognized for its ability to generate high quality information, develop human resources and promote cooperative development of skills between public and private, domestic and foreign institutions as well as between local communities to concentrate skills, resources and knowledge for the conservation of the natural heritage of Venezuela. ACOANA always carries out its activities in close cooperation with local communities and universities, government organizations and NGOs, grassroots organizations and research institutes, national and international, through strategic alliances.