Applications of Wind Energy Pilot Project

Applications of Wind Energy Pilot Project


The purpose of this pilot project is to introduce new technology to reap clean energy (electricity) from wind sources and build the institutional and technical capacities for similar activities in wind rich areas.

It is part of the Environment and Energy Programme of UNDP on Eritrea. The Food Security Environment and Energy Unit collaborates with government to ensure sustainable use of natural resources and realize better environmental governance. Considering the role an effective natural resource plays in poverty alleviation and attaining food security vice-versa, this programme supports the improvement of sustainable livelihood initiatives.

Over the last decade Eritrea and the UNDP have worked together in different areas, e.g. in studying Eritrea's Coastal Marine and Island Biodiversity resources and establishing an Integrated Coastal Area Management framework; proving viability of application of renewable (Wind) energy technologies in Eritrea that can be further replicated, and the introduction of energy efficient fuel wood stoves; awareness raising in combating desertification and National Action Plan mainstreaming into development plans; enabling Eritrea to fulfil its commitment to UNFCCC to prepare its initial and second national communications; strengthening national capacity for effective land use planning and policy development and; preparing National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) to climate change.