7th Space Council
25 November 2010

7th Space Council


The "Space Council" is the joint association at the ministerial level of the European Union Competitiveness Council and of the ESA Council. It will meet in Brussels next 25 November under the co-presidency of Belgium (EU) and Italy (ESA).

The Space Council was created by the Framework Agreement between the EU and the ESA. It will meet for the seventh time on 25 November 2010 and will examine the conclusions of two events in the field of space organised under the Belgian presidency of the EU, that is, "Space for the African Citizen", which was held in Brussels on 16 September 2010 [1], and the second international ministerial conference on space exploration, which was held in Brussels on 21 October 2010 [2].

The other items on the agenda for the Space Council will deal with the sustainable use of the Galileo and GMES systems, the monitoring of climate change, space for security/defence and the governing of space activities in Europe.

[1] "Space for the African Citizen"

See: http://www.eutrio.be/space-african-citizen

[2] second international ministerial conference on space exploration

See: http://www.eutrio.be/2nd-international-conference-space-exploration-ministerial-level